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Welcome to Cricket Betting Tips Badshah (, a one-stop place for all the information gamblers want to know about betting on cricket online. Quickly cricket is becoming one of the most popular games in the betting world and the number of interested people placing a bet on cricket is increasing. With the increase in demand for cricket betting, comes the need for information especially among new joiners who are looking for ways to improve their chances of winning a bet they have placed on a game. This is the reason this site exists – to help people with the betting tips and tricks they can use to make betting on cricket online easier.

What is the Best Online Cricket site?

One of the questions mostly asked by the people who want to place a bet is about finding the best cricket betting site. There is no specific site that can be listed as best but there are some which we found as best are and after many types of research. & stand out not only due to a variety of sports options, but it also has many features that users find interesting. Few of the features include the fact, it has a mobile version, so gamblers can choose their favorite games wherever they are, whenever they want. Due to its user-friendly feature, it is a good choice for most people. It also provides bonuses and promotions for both new and regular customers.

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What to Consider When Searching for a Cricket Betting Site

You will find thousands of betting sites that offer cricket online. The process of getting the correct one can be overwhelming. We provide a list of things to be considered while choosing a betting site and why some things matter for stakers who are placing bets online. Few things which users should always look for when searching for a cricket betting site include:

Trust and Reputation of the site:

Every user should do researches before joining with a site. They should find out how the site is rated by other users. What people consider about the site after using it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the site written by users? Is the site involved in any illegal scandals? All this information will help you is it worth to go for the site.


The site stands out and attracts users due to its user- friendly nature. Most of the users leave the site when they find it complicated and go for the one which is easier to maneuver. A punter wants a site that is easy to navigate and has good marked icons.

Security and Privacy Settings:

It is good to place the bet on the site which keeps the data secured and assure its users the details will be confidential. All the details of the site should be discussed in sections of the site. We advise the users to read the terms and conditions and ensure it is safe.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everyone wants the exclusive offers and getting promotions and bonuses while placing a bet on cricket online. You should find out the sites which offer the bonuses and promotions. It is good to read the terms and all the details and procedures of getting the bonus (How bonus will be awarded).

Customer Care Services

Everyone who is placing betting online wants their concerns and queries to be solved as soon as possible. You should consider this feature of customer care services while selecting the cricket betting site online. The team should address your problems and get connected to you soon.

Types of Cricket Bets

Those who are new to it and do not understand the rules of cricket well but want to have a try for it should not worry, this site will provide deep information on the types of cricket bet which one can place.

Different Cricket Bets:

  • Match betting: It is one of the most common forms of betting on cricket online. Here, gamblers find out the team which is likely to win the game or tournament. Then they will place their bet and if the team wins they win the bet. In this kind of betting, the odds are always weighted so the payout that is given for the winning favorite will be less than that of the underdog. Such kind of betting is “To win the Match” or “Match Odds.”
  • Tied Match: As the name describes, these betting are the one when betting is done on the probability of the game ending in a draw. The other name for tied match betting in cricket is “Draw No bet”.
  • Top Batsman: In this type of betting, the punter predicts about the player getting the highest runs in the course of the match, series or even an inning. The betting odds for this type of betting are always higher as it is more complex than just predicting the winning team.
  • Top Bowler: In this type of betting punter predicts the player who is likely to have the highest number of wickets during the match, series of innings.
  • Toss Winner: in the Toss winner bet, the match starts with tossing a coin. The team which wins the toss gets the choice to decide whether they want to bowl or bat first.


Open a Cricket Betting Account

What is the Best Online Cricket site?

Once the bettor gets the basic knowledge of betting on cricket, everything else falls into place. The user should be above 18 years for online cricket betting. The basic step is always to find out the best site.

After selecting the site, you need to do registration which is quite easy. It is signing up with the site where you are betting. Once wager has signed up, they need to prove the eligibility (above 18 years) for it.

It is good to read all the rules and regulations, understand them before signing up or getting engaged with the betting site. You can find more on “how to bet on cricket online” by following the link.

How to Deposit & Withdraw Money

Once the wager has signed up, the next step is to deposit the amount so that they can start betting. They can make withdrawals once they start playing. The deposit and withdrawal options are always different for each site, but the most common methods include using bank transfers, debit cards, Paytm, Phone pay, Google pay, and many others.

You can start betting on the site through the computer but there are few sites such as Fix2bet and bets4fair which provides the option of mobile betting. After reading our reviews you will find the best online cricket betting sites.

How Does Cricket Betting Odds Work?

In simple language we can say, cricket betting odds tell how likely/ the probability of an outcome to happen. The betting odds are always represented in the form of fractions and decimals. These sites will put a profit margin which is between 7% and above for the possible outcome. If you place a bet on limited-overs in a cricket is head to head market and the third possible outcome can be draw.

For example, a match is played between India and the USA then it will be represented as:

India to win 1.5 (or 1-2), USA to win 2.75 (or 7-4) and there will be odds for the draw of the match also. So the wager who thinks India will win and place a bet of 10 points will get 15 points means they will get the profit of 5 with an initial bet of 10. For those wagers who place a bet of 10 on USA will get 27.50 or a draw of 37.50

Cricket Betting Tips To Consider When Placing A Bet Online

Cricket has become more popular day by day, especially in the Indian sub-continent. At present cricket is the second most popular game after football. We can see its popularity in the world of betting also. Wagers from all over the world place bet on cricket online which is played throughout the year.

Mostly the bets on cricket are placed online through the betting sites. Many wagers win lots of amount after winning the bet by predicting the correct outcome. There are many factors which should be considered while you place your bet on cricket, mostly when you want to win. These are the few tips which will help the users to increase their chances of winning the bet.

Learn the Game

Players should have deep knowledge about the game before they start placing the bet. They should understand the way the game is played and it will become more interesting and fun for them. In addition to all these, they should make an informed decision while betting.

When players learn the game, they should find out the opponent, various teams and their performance. It will help them to analyze the game in a better way and predict logically once learning about the game and other teams. Sports bettor should always remember that the performance of team and structure keeps on changing so you should keep an eye on it and remain updated by the information regarding the teams such as transfers, injuries, etc.

Choose the Best Betting Site

Users should choose the best site for betting as it influences the winnings which a wager will get from placing a bet. For the new joiners betting sites offers the free bets to place on the game. Therefore, the players should check the number of cricket leagues and tournaments they get to place their bet, ensure that the leagues they get are the ones in which they have an interest or not.

Secondly, the punters should go through the terms and conditions of the betting company and make sure that you are okay with them. It will be good to consider the banking facilities like the way you can deposit and withdraw the money, time is taken by the transactions to be completed and they are suitable for you at an ease or not.

Sites which offer bonuses and promotion can be considered as the good one as it provides more opportunities for the users to win more money. Don’t just get attracted by the bonuses rather you should check the terms and conditions applied that whether the offers are worthy or not. You can get our experts opinions and get help to find out the best online cricket betting sites in India.

Come up with the Right Betting Strategy

Users can get various cricket betting strategies to increase their chances of winning but choosing the correct one is more important. One should keep various points in mind while choosing the strategy. Few factors to be considered are the amount of money to be wagered to the bet types. If anyone is confused about the strategies then we should consult the seasoned cricket bettor. Always keep in mind that no particular strategy is there which can guarantee you for winning. Therefore, users are advised to place a bet with the amount they can afford if they lose.

Understand the Odds

The betting odds are just the probability or the chances of a team winning the match according to the bookmaker after assessment. To become a successful bettor, you should understand the probabilities expressed as odds. These odds tell about the amount of money that a player can win. So, before placing the bet players should know about the values of each bet. They should place their bet on the games having the best odds.

Explore the Different Types of Bets

You will get different types of bet by the betting sites for the match. So it’s not necessary to place a bet on a team winning or losing. For example, you can bet on the runs scored even or odd, a score of the match, and winner of series. On a few sites, you can also bet on the performance of an individual player. Therefore, you should have a look at all the available options provided by the site and can choose the one which seems most logical. Don’t forget to calculate the winning probability and make sure it is reasonable.

Choose the Games to Bet on Wisely

Many betting sites allow the wagers to place a bet on the number of matches they want. Players should go for the games which they understand. Consider an example, a team that plays against the inferior team will more likely win. It will be good if you place a bet on the stronger team. Even though the odds offered for those games will not be too attractive. So it is important for the users to select the correct game.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cricket Betting

Answer: Yes. For countries like India, betting might be legal, but the rules do not extend to online gambling companies who do not operate legally. The reason is that most of the online gambling companies are not registered in India so they do not stick to the restrictions. Online cricket betting is legal in most countries as long as the betting company sticks to the laws and rules of running an online betting company. All sites reviewed by are 100% legal.

Yes. The player who is placing the bet should have thoroughly researched and read the reviews to establish that the site they are choosing to place bet is legal and registered to provide online betting services.

It depends on the betting sites and the method used to withdraw as it varies from site to site. The methods like e-wallets show the payment immediately. The other, such as bank transfers may have some time period and need to wait for it. It will take a few hours to reflect the payment in your account. If you have any problem with the withdrawal amount then you can directly contact the customer care.

Yes. But, there is no fixed figure as it varies from one site to other sites. Bettors should read all the terms and conditions carefully to know about the limits they have.

The answer to the above question is not exactly as it depends on the size you have chosen. It differs from site to site, but the amount is always negligible in most sites and can be as low as $1.

Mostly the websites do not allow a person to have multiple accounts on the same site as it can lead to fraud and cheating. Those who try to have multiple accounts are banned when caught and can lose some of the wins they have made. Cricket Betting Badshah always advises you not to cheat online betting sites. If the player is caught cheating then all winnings of the player will be forefeet.

Yes, as many of the online betting sites now provide the option for playing on mobile. It can be done by downloading apps for sites that have developed apps for mobile or using the mobile version of the site. One of the important things about the Cricket Betting Badshah site reviews is the experience shared by the operators of the mobile version. We also analyze Cricket Betting Apps so that you can place the bets on the team which you like.

Fortunately, most of the legal betting sites give you the option to take a break if you start feeling like you are getting addicted to the site. They help you with the support systems which will enable the players to sail through if they start feeling addicted to the site. Cricket Betting Badshah is a strict believer in betting addiction therapy if you want you can help in gambling addiction immediately.

Yes, as betting is only for the people who are 18 years and above. Before completing the registration process you have to confirm that you are 18 years and above.

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