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Cricket Betting Tips Badshah

Cricket becomes more interesting when it comes to betting. Only a few sports matches gentleman’s game concerning betting on odds- team totals, wins, number of 6s and 4s, wide balls, no balls and many other things. You can place your bet on the result of the contest or any other individual odds during the game. If you are looking for the best predictions which can improve your odds then we at Cricket Betting Badshah India will provide you the best online free betting tips of cricket.

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Free Online Cricket Betting Tips

We are one of the trusted sources for free online cricket tips. Our analysts provide you insights into the game by using scientific analysis methodology, form, team compositions and playing conditions. It can be seen that the popularity of cricket is growing all around the world. Cricket is followed by 2 billion people all over the world. Apart from the ODIs, Tests and T20 cricket which is played at the international level there are many other T20 leagues and domestic competitions where you can gamble. There are 150+ international events each year and around 500 domestic games where you made the money. One of the other things is there for the users to bet every single day. You can make your bets successful by our IPL match predictions, solid cricket betting tips and ICC world cup predictions.

Cricket Betting Tips Badshah

How We Make our Betting Tips for Cricket

Factors we take into consideration:

  1.  Team News
    • During a league of T20, often players have to play for their national side so they might miss few matches of the league.
    • It changes many things, especially for the players who are consistent performers for their side.
    • Our expert team analyzes the situation of the new match accordingly and provides cricket betting tips to serve the users in the best way.
  2.  Weather
    • If the weather is cloudy and windy in England then it would help the ball to swing both ways, on the other side a rain-affected ground would make it difficult to score runs.
    • We consider the role of weather conditions in match analyzes and provide the betting tips accordingly.
  3.  Injuries
    • If a bowler, who is a death-overs specialist and steady in taking wickets, gets injured while playing a match or a practice session, his exclusion from the team can make lots of changes.
    • Every player plays a role in the team, if anyone gets injured and is out of a match would become a void which isn’t easy to fill.
    • We consider these technicalities of the game for our betting tips and provide you the best match analysis.
  4. Betting Odds for Cricket
    • In our team analysis, our experts analyze the performances of the, bowlers and batsmen under various situations from the recent matches.
    • With this analysis users can easily identify which players are likely to be the best performers for their side in the match.
    • Along with this, we give you the betting odds given for a player to be the top team batsman and top team bowler for both teams.
    • We show you the odds provided for those bowlers and batsmen which the bookie consider favorite.
    • This is to provide you an idea of the betting market before you think to place your bet either in a pre-match market or during in-play.


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IPL Betting Tips

Indian Premier League is commonly called as the Holy Grail of cricket betting. No other T20 league that can attract the attention of the fans and bettors in the world as the IPL can. Every season signals the gamblers hunting for the latest tips for betting. You can see plenty of betting markets offered by the bookies during the IPL match. IPL is the one that is a cricket bettor you can’t miss it out. In case you miss it out then it means you are missing the most competitive T20 franchise league of the world.

To talk about the size and scale of the annual cricket carnival then we can say that each IPL game draws about $100 million of the bet placed while the total bets placed during the season is around $5-6 billion. Here only the bets played by Indian bettors are mentioned. If we talk about the global scale then this figure is estimated at around $10 billion which is quite higher than the GDP of the bottom 50 countries according to the estimates of the World Bank. Therefore don’t be surprised if every gambler talks about the IPL betting during the season or before it.

Talking about our IPL coverage is that we work in detailed previews of match played during the season. It includes all the league games leading up to the ground finale and playoffs watched by more than a billion people around the world. Our IPL betting tips cover most of the popular markets like best bowler, best batsman, the man of the match, most four, most sixes and highest opening partnership and many others.

Cricket Betting Tips for All Seasons

If you want to place your bet on the upcoming test series or T20 leagues then we have covered it for you. All the predictions are made by us doing the researches and analysis even though if you are not following any game or series still you would be able to know what has and what will happen in the game. We aim to provide our users with the betting platform and help them to make good decisions.

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Cricket Games We Cover

  • Test Cricket
  • One Day Internationals
  • T20 Internationals
  • Indian Premier League
  • Big Bash League
  • T20 Blast and more…

Cricket Betting Tips You Can Trust

There are many betting sites providing tips for betting. We go through a tough competition while writing match predictions as it happens all over the world. This is the point where we have to invest more so that we can offer you the best betting tips and also help you with the analyzed previews for cricket matches. All of you will always find the maximum coverage for cricket matches whether it is Big Bash or IPL betting tips at cricket betting badshah.

We have a team of cricket analysts who are experienced and have a good knowledge of cricket. Our experts help us to help you with the most analyzed previews and tips so that you can wager your money at the correct place. From all the events be it IPL or any other you can trust us to help you by analyzing the games with the same zeal and offer you the best cricket betting tips which can help you in earning wonderful rewards.

Most of the bookies focus on covering the previews of the game but we cover most of the betting markets while providing the cricket betting tips. If you have one glimpse of our IPL betting tips, you will surely get an idea for the markets where you should place your money on or not.


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Get Online Cricket Betting Tips Free

The probabilities of your success with cricket betting depend on the way you read the game and predict the outcome of the game. If you no time to do researches and analyze it by going through the details and visiting the different sites then no worries at all we have covered everything for you here. Our tipsters keep track of all the games and performances of each player by following them. Besides the different influencing factors we can help you with the free cricket betting tips and match predictions.

Market Explanation for Cricket Betting Tips

There are around 26 betting markets for an international one-day cricket match on the betting sites like Fix2Bet. We provide cricket betting tips for the markets available in a match coupon as well as the match predictions for the winner of the match market.

Some of the betting markets we cover apart from Match Winner are –

  • Top Team Batsman (Home Team)
  • Top Team Batsman (Away Team)
  • Top Team Bowler (Home Team)
  • Top Team Bowler (Away Team)

The given betting markets have high betting odds so that you can earn more money by placing the bet. For example, the odds for Top Team Batsman market in Pakistan vs New Zealand 3rd ODI match coupon are 4.00

These are one of the best betting odds provided where you can earn Rs 300 on an Rs 100 bet.

We consider the performance of players from previous events and based on these statistics, we predict the most probable players to be the Top Team Bowler or Top Team Batsman. Our experts have a strategy for analyzing these markets which our readers can follow during in-play betting for these betting markets.

All these predictions done are based on the previous performance of the team considering various factors like run rate, average opening partnership, average opening batsman, and various other factors influencing the score of a team in the power play.

The average score on a particular ground for 1st and 2nd inning is useful for predicting the score of 1st inning and total runs in the match. Our predictions for all these markets have also been correct for the number of one-day and T20 matches. We keep our prediction methodology transparent so that our users can see how the particular prediction will come true and help them in making profits with it

Cricket Betting Tips for Live Betting

The best way to make the most out of our betting tips for live betting:

  • Follow our expert’s analysis and team comparisons, where we discuss the innings progression, players to watch out for, run rates, partnerships, and fall of wickets.
  • Later, when the match starts, place your bets in the markets where you can make predictions based on the statistics and analysis from our betting tips.

Cricket Betting Tips in Hindi

If for most of the countries around the world cricket is a sport then it is a religion in India. The fan followers for the game often seem to be quite strange for an outsider. As the passion for betting is growing at a healthy rate in the country we are proud to give you the betting tips in Hindi. Hindi is the 4th highest spoken languages in the world and mother tongue of India. It was an unchartered territory and we have been the first entrants. Our predictions have helped thousands to millions of users for entering the entertaining world of betting.

There are some audience for whom languages barrier act as an obstacle towards betting. Our users lovingly call us cricket betting tips master as a guru or teacher we have helped them in understanding the basics of betting, way to place the bet and reading the odds.

For free cricket betting tips you can always rely on today’s cricket betting predictions by We offer you well-analyzed betting tips that can improve your odds of success.

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