Cricket Betting Odds

What are cricket betting odds?

If we talk about the present time, then due to the season suspension there are no betting odds.

Let us start understanding the odds with a toss of the coin.
When you toss the coin then there will be two results either head or tail and both have a similar probability to come i.e.50% chances of each outcome. If you want to place the bet on the result of coin toss then, betting odds will help you to calculate the winning amount on your bet.

If you want to calculate odds from the given probability then just need to divide(/) the probability by 1 and multiply (*) the result by 100
1/50 * 100 = 2.00
Then the betting odds while tossing the coin will be 2.00 for head and the same 2.00 for tails to come.

However, if we talk about the real world betting sites will not offer such odds.

Finding The Best Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket betting is a very common activity when we talk about the gambling. This betting has the highest odds in the case of sports betting. Cricket odds are provided in the form of fractional numbers or decimals. A bettor can view the odds and opt for the game following the odds at different betting platforms.

There are different kinds of bets so the gambler can easily bet and place their money. It will be good if you understand the types of odds before you place money on any bet in cricket betting. To carry out the online cricket betting easily you should search and choose the good betting site.

cricket betting odds

Types of Odds in Cricket Betting

There are different formats of odds so that the gamblers who are involved in betting activities can understand them. The formats of these odd changes through mathematical calculations. There are three types of betting odds and they are decimal, fractional and American. All three odds are of different format but they present the same odd. Therefore, one should use the odds which he finds easy and friendly.

Decimal odds – cricket betting

Mostly decimal odds are used in the betting and these types of odds are also known as European odds. They are very easy to read and understand. Not only the expert but anyone even a starter can easily identify the favorites of a game by just having a look at these odds. The total return amount one will have from the betting is shown by the decimal numbers used. A wager can easily identify the money expected to be received from a bet. It is done by multiplying the odds of the game by the total stake.

Fractional odds – cricket betting

Fractional odds are very popular in Irish and British and are also known as the British odds. These types of odds are represented in the form of a ratio. Hyphen or a slash is used to represent these odds. Consider an example, 5-1 or 5/1 given as the cricket odds. Odds given will be read as five to one. For instance, 5-1 means that a bettor will win 5 dollars for each 1dollar placed as a bet. Such odds are used by the largest betting sites in the world.

American odds – cricket betting

As the name itself suggest these odds are used in the United States Of America and are also known as money line odds. The favorite odds have minus (-) sign near them which shows the amount of money a bettor requires placing a bet to win 100 dollars. The underdog’s odds have (+) positive signs near them. It is used to tell the amount of money a bettor will win on every 100 dollars which has been wagered.


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How to Use Cricket Betting Odds

Betting odds represents the chances of something which might happen. It is also used by a wager to know the amount of money he or she will win per the money wagered. This can be done based on probabilities.

Probabilities tell the chances of ratio or percentage of something to score. Here the multiplication formula is used commonly. Therefore, a gambler will multiply the amount of money wagered to the total number of odds of the games picked. Hence, the amount calculated is the total amount of money a bettor will receive once he/she wins the bet. To carry out the calculations of the winning amount, decimal odds are considered to be the easiest one among all. Betting odds allow the users to calculate their winning chances.

Types of Cricket Bets

Here, you will find a few of the most known cricket bets used all over the world. The following bets have one of the best betting odds.

Top Batsman

For this type of bet one should know the player’s previous performance before placing the bet on a player. Such type of bets has good odds.

Most Sixes

It is a very good bet in cricket as it allows the bettors to separate their bet. Such bets can be divided across the number of days. A bettor can place such bets either on a certain player or the whole team based on the betting odds which excite him/her. These bets are placed on the team or player who has more number of chances to score sixes for a certain team.

Match Ducks

As the name suggests this type of bet is used by the gambler to bet on the number of ducks they think might happen in the game. Bettors are allowed to choose whether there will be fewer or more ducks in the game according to the number which the particular bet has provided. These bets are tricky but worth risking as there are good odds.

Method of Dismissal

Such type of bets is placed on the way the first wicket will be made in the game. This can be done either on the full match or live betting also. These odds are also one of the best odds in the cricket.

How to Find the Best Betting Odds

All over the world we can see the fans of cricket and betting on the matches. It is mostly done online through the betting sites just like the one reviewed here at cricket betting badshah. Sometimes it seems to be quite tedious and impossible to find out the great odds in the online betting sites. So the wager needs to have enough patience and should do the researches for the sites offering high odds. Users can go through the various sites and find out the odds.

It is quite obvious that few betting sites will have low odds and others might have the great ones. If you are betting on a site or through the cricket betting app through mobile then the one having high betting odds will enable you to have good payouts. Users should check whether the betting site you chose is allowing you to bet life or not. This live betting allows the bettors to place their bet when the game is still being played.

Users can identify the game in play and place a suitable bet. The present technology allows all the online cricket betting sites to provide such services to the users. You should check the site you selected is working smoothly and has secure methods to carry out the bank transactions.

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